Spanish Actor and Businessman
Hair Implant Testimony

Ignacio Jordá González

Known as Nacho Vidal, Spanish actor and businessman born in Mataró, Barcelona. He has starred in more than 600 films, being a producer and director on more than 140 others.

He decided to do a Hair Implant procedure at DHI Colombia due to baldness in most areas of his head with surprising and 100% natural results.


DHI Global Médical Group Colombia, leaders in hair restoration since 1970. Experts in implant and hair restoration, beard restoration, eyebrows and complementary treatments with a high qualified team of professionals.

Real and natural results

Yes! It is possible to restore your image and treat your hair

I had areas with no beard. I went to DHI and the procedure was very easy. I am totally satisfied with my beard restoration. I highly recommend DHI.

Tatán Mejía
Motocross Champion

I had a hair implant. I never felt discomfort, pain, or any kind of inconvenience during the process. The results are amazing and totally natural.

Juan Messier

Years ago, after an accident, I got a scar on my head and I lost my hair in that area. I decided to do a hair implant and the result was incredible.

Lucía Aldana
Ex Miss Colombia and TV host

The constant use of products damaged my hair. I went to DHI and underwent the treatments of: Laser, Plasma and Hair Mesotherapy with outstanding results. I totally recommend DHI.

Pedro Pallares
Actor and TV host

Many people have transformed their lives with DHI.
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