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In accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Colombia, our privacy and data use policy is intended to inform the practices in relation to the search, treatment and communication of the information that is provided to us through this website. By using the site, you agree to the terms of the privacy policy. By submitting your data through this website, whether personal or not, you are accepting and, therefore, giving your express consent freely and unequivocally, so that said data can be searched, processed and communicated in accordance with the this Privacy Policy. The website collects information from its visitors, through various ways. Some of the information that you submit may be information of a personal nature or identification (that is, information that can only be related to you, such as your full name, address, e-mail address, telephone number). It will be informed about which data is mandatory and which is optional. DHI COLOMBIA GLOBAL MEDICAL SAS, will use the data deposited on this site to transmit information (if you have requested it), carry out marketing operations, carry out studies and other activities for the purpose of marketing and offering Services and for any other purpose specified in this Policy Of privacy. By using this website, you expressly, freely and unequivocally consent that the information collected may be incorporated into a database owned by DHI COLOMBIA GLOBAL MEDICAL SAS. Likewise, we will use all non-personal information collected on the site in accordance with current law. In accordance with the above, if you do not want DHI COLOMBIA GLOBAL MEDICAL SAS. use your personal data for marketing purposes and, therefore, to send you by traditional and / or electronic means, commercial and advertising information about your products and services, you can send us an email to the following address: .co
By providing personal information on this website, you will be expressly, freely and unequivocally authorizing that the information collected can be integrated by DHI COLOMBIA GLOBAL MEDICAL SAS with other actively obtained data, unless we specify another purpose when collecting them. Finally, you are authorizing us to assign and / or supply the personal information provided on this site, to third parties that are not subsidiaries or agents, but only in the following cases:

To contractors who perform support work in our company (such as: logistics services, technical assistance, delivery services and financial institutions); in this case, we will ask these third parties to treat the information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and use it for the same purposes.
If requested by the security forces or required by laws, court orders or government regulations.

The search, treatment and communication of information contemplated in this Privacy Policy may entail the communication of the data to jurisdictions outside of your country of residence where it is possible that there are no equivalent laws and regulations on personal information, a circumstance that you accept by giving your consent. expressly, freely and unequivocally to this privacy policy.


Through this document, the policies and general procedure are adopted to guarantee the fundamental right enshrined in the Colombian Political Constitution in its article 15 regarding the privacy and good name of natural persons against all means, possibilities or sources of violation. possible. The legal framework that bases this Treatment Policy is Article 15 of the Political Constitution of Colombia, Statutory Law 1581 of 2012, Decree 1074 of 2015, External Circular No. 02 of 2015 and other regulations in force on the matter.

DHI COLOMBIA GLOBAL MEDICAL SAS, will guarantee data protection. This, through (i) its manager, who is the legal representative, and (ii) those in charge, in those events where the company delivers the database treatment to a third party. As a consequence of the foregoing, both those responsible and those in charge, will fully accept this policy, together with the obligations and procedure that arise from here, ensuring its implementation within the Company, disclosing its content and effects among its staff, that is, among their subordinates or dependents (operators), and monitoring their compliance. All this, in guarantee of the confidentiality, security and protection of the information in accordance with the aforementioned legal provisions.

By information or personal data, it should be understood any document, file, fact, circumstance and in general everything that by its nature is representative or declarative of the matters associated with a natural person linked to the Company, by virtue of a mandatory link of the type labor, commercial, civil or of any other type. In such a way, any natural person, that is, clients, prospects, contractors, suppliers, workers or any other person or entity that, for any reason provides information to the Company, will be subject to protection because they are its owner.

The Company will collect information through its different personal and electronic means, as well as through other subordinate companies or that become part of the business group, if it is generated. As a consequence of the foregoing, the Company, through its manager and Managers, will disclose this Data Treatment Policy and its staff will be committed to granting due treatment to the information that on the occasion of their work they came to know, always observing the guidelines outlined in this Data Processing Policy. The Company must guarantee that the information is handled with the technical, human and administrative measures that are necessary to grant security to the records, avoiding their adulteration, loss, consultation, use or access by unauthorized personnel or in a fraudulent manner.


The Company will be in any case obliged to the adequate treatment of the information that is supplied to it from its interior and from the exterior. As a consequence, you must collect, store, use, circulate, or delete, information only within the exclusively internal scope and for your own purposes or the ordinary course of your economic activity, provided that they do not exceed the limits established by law, regulations or contracts that link it to the owner of the information. Even though it is information intended for internal treatment, it may not be exposed or disclosed to anyone, that which affects the privacy of the owner, or whose improper use may generate discrimination, by revealing racial or ethnic origin, political orientation, religious convictions. or philosophical, membership in trade unions, social or human rights organizations or that promote the interests of any political party or that guarantee the rights and guarantees of opposition political parties, as well as data related to health, sexual life and biometric data. Workers and contractors (staff), having access to information from their peers or other people who are part of the Company, or those associated or linked to the company, will act as operators of said information and as a consequence must use it and administer it, observing the aforementioned purposes. They will hold the same quality when it comes to information associated with the other subjects of protection referred to in the numeral related to Information or Personal Data and their owners. The same commitment will be assumed by managers, partners and legal representatives of the company in their individual or collegiate actions. In virtue of the foregoing, the Company and those who represent it in any capacity, may not provide information to natural or legal persons other than the holders of the information, except for lawful purposes and observing the provisions of the paragraph relating to the Duty of Information to the headline.

In the event that the information must be provided to third parties, it will be mandatory to previously inform the owner and request his authorization, in writing. Whoever intends to supply information to third parties will lack the powers to do so when they are not responsible or in charge, that is, the operator will lack powers. In the event that the operator notices the need or convenience in providing data to third parties, they must inform the Manager or Responsible, who, if deemed pertinent, necessary and justified, will request in writing the authorization of the owner of the information, or will grant Written permission to the operator to proceed with the authorization request to the owner of the information in the manner indicated by his superior. Both Managers and managers and operators, in any case, will be obliged to reveal to the owner in the request that is sent, the purpose and justification of the supply, as well as the person to whom it will be supplied. The authorization based on which it is intended to supply the data to a third party, must be written and unequivocal, signed by the owner of the information or by his representative duly empowered by him. The instrument through which the owner of the information gives his authorization, will be made known to the person in charge or the person in charge, in the absence of the former, and likewise whoever the person in charge delegates for that purpose, who will keep a detailed record of this and will keep it available if required. In this way, the treatment of the information can only be exercised with the prior, express and informed consent of the owner. Personal data may not be obtained or disclosed without his prior authorization, or in the absence of a legal or judicial mandate that relieves the consent of the owner. Whoever contravenes this guideline in the unauthorized supply of information to third parties will assume internal responsibility.


The company may organize the information in files or databases for lawful purposes and for sufficiently well-defined purposes. According to the current existence of databases in the company, the following databases will have the following purposes in a special way:

WORKERS: The purpose of data collection in this database consists of organizing the information of the workers necessary to settle wages, social benefits, vacations, affiliations to the comprehensive social security system and calculation of withholdings in the source according to the Law. Likewise, this database includes personal information of retired workers, with the aim of preserving the information during eventual claims for rights derived from the employment relationship.
SUPPLIERS: The purpose of data collection in this database consists of organizing the personal information of suppliers, natural persons necessary for the location, identification, application of withholdings at the source and technical and administrative capacity, in accordance to the needs of the company. In case of variation in the purpose for which certain information is processed, it must be taken into account that the treatment must obey a legitimate purpose in accordance with the Constitution and the Law, which must be informed to its owner observing the guideline of the numeral Relating to the Duty of Information to the Holder.

The information subject to treatment must be truthful, complete, accurate, up-to-date, verifiable and understandable, especially in the case of information supplied to third parties. The disclosure of partial, incomplete, fractioned or misleading data is prohibited.


The company, through those who represent it in any capacity, must attend with diligence and opportunity the requirements that relate to the information of the owner when he requests them, redirecting it to the person in charge so that he is the one who attends and responds to the request presented, assisting him with the same duty of diligence in the procedure that emerges. In the same way, the owner has the right to obtain a response to his requests and for the company to create, correct, modify or delete information in its databases when appropriate. Said response must be given to the owner within the terms established by the statutory law of the right of petition or by which it repeals or modifies it. By virtue of the foregoing, the owner of the information has the right to:

Know, update and rectify your information in the face of inaccurate, incomplete or fractioned data, such as those that lead to error.
Receive information regarding the use that is given to your personal data upon request.
Revoke the authorization and / or request the deletion of your personal data from the databases that gave rise to said authorization.
File complaints with the administrative entity in charge of the protection of personal data.

For the exercise of this right, the email is enabled: as well as the others that for this purpose is indicated in the registry of personal databases of the competent entity.

The Holder who decides to revoke the authorization granted for the treatment of the information contained in our databases, can do so by filing a claim, by means of an email to the following email address:
That information whose treatment has not been authorized by the owner, must be destroyed. However, previously and in writing, the notice of non-authorization must be communicated by the person who received it to the person in charge and to whom he has delegated for that purpose, who will be bound to destroy it. The same procedure will be followed in the event of revocation of the authorization. The corresponding area will keep the record and control of the people who have not authorized or who have revoked their authorization, and will prevent the staff through suitable means in order to prevent any subsequent damaging act. In any case, according to article 9 of Decree 1377 of 2013, the request to suppress the information and the revocation of the authorization will not proceed when the owner has a legal or contractual duty to remain in the database.


The petitioner will send a written communication addressed to the legal representative of the Company, specifying his full name, identification, email and a brief account of the facts that generated the claim or disagreement.
If the request is incomplete, within five (5) business days following the receipt by the Company of said communication, it will request the petitioner by electronic communication or through any suitable means, to submit the documents or evidence that are indicated.
Within five (5) business days after the petitioner is notified, he must submit all the information requested by the Company.
If, within the two (2) months following the request made by the Company, the requested documents are not provided to correct the inconsistencies presented in his request, it will be understood that the petitioner desisted from the request.
Within fifteen (15) days following the filing of the request or receipt of the documents or clarifications required by the Company, the Company will respond to the request. If it is not possible to solve the previous term, the date on which the request will be resolved will be specified, within eight days, after the expiration of the first term.

All persons who intervene in the processing of information that is not public in nature are obliged to guarantee the reservation of the information, even after the end of their relationship with any of the tasks that includes the treatment, being able to only supply or communicate Personal data of others when this corresponds to the development of the activities authorized in this Data Processing Policy and in the law.

In the Company, the processing of personal data for commercial purposes or other than internal use is prohibited. It will only be allowed when there is written authorization from the person who is statutorily or legally empowered to make this decision, who in turn must have written authorization from the owner of the information.


Request and keep, under the conditions provided by law, a copy of the respective authorization granted by the Owner of the personal data.
If required, duly inform the owner of the information about the purpose of the collection and the rights that assist them by virtue of the authorization granted and published in the Internal Manual of Policies to Guarantee the protection of personal data.
Require operators and third parties, at all times, to respect the security and privacy conditions of the owner’s information.
Inform the operators of the treatment under their charge or under their responsibility, when certain information is in discussion or controversy, once the claim has been submitted.
Inform the data protection authority when there are violations of the security codes and there are risks in the administration of the information of the Holders.
Comply with the other duties, instructions and requirements issued by the competent authorities.
Inform the GENERAL ACCOUNTANT, the data on which there is a claim, administrative and / or judicial process.
Process directly or through whoever delegates but under his responsibility, the answer to the claims presented by the holders of the information.
Effectively guarantee the rights of the holders of the information.
Allow access to information only to people who can have access to it and take on their own initiative the actions or measures necessary to guarantee it.
Register the legend «claim in process» in the database.
Insert in the database the legend «information in judicial discussion»; once notified by the competent authority on judicial processes.
Refrain from circulating information that is being controversial by the Holder and whose blocking has been ordered by the competent authority and promptly warn the operators of the information about the matter.
When the databases or files are to be supplied to third parties, they must previously inform the owner and request his authorization as established in this policy.
Comply with the other duties, instructions and requirements issued by the competent authorities.

This policy is an integral part of the labor, commercial or service contracts that govern the relations between the Company and the operators, managers, managers and partners. Their compliance with this policy constitutes a contractual obligation that binds them as much as any other obligation in the contract.

The people who in the Company hold the quality of operators, managers, managers and partners, have a special obligation to know and apply this policy on their own initiative and by order of the contracts or acts that bind them to the Company. In the same sense, they will have the obligation to inform the person in charge or whoever has powers of representation in the Company, of any violation of which they are aware of this policy.

The company will guarantee that the data messages that its staff send from corporate emails, have advertisements or instruments that aim to guarantee the confidentiality of the information, so that whoever is the recipient in the conversation grants it the proper and authorized use in the interests of to protect the personal information included therein both of the sending staff, and of third parties. The company will also guarantee that the information institutionally collected through recordings will be given a lawful treatment and in any case previously informed to its owners through the appropriate means. Additionally, the company, previously, will inform and request the authorization of third parties in the case of capturing your information through web pages, or through similar means or collected without the owner of the data having sought or promoted its supply, or had direct contact with the company through its representatives or staff.


The Company reserves the right to modify this data processing policy, to adapt it to the legal, jurisprudential or other regulations that may be applicable.


As an express condition of using this website, you must accept the following terms. If you do not accept any of them, do not use the website. Your use of this website, and any participation in the activities mentioned on this website, signify your acceptance and legal submission to these terms:

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