Hair development and regeneration

Techniques Developed in DHI

Thanks to the techniques developed by DHI, hair restoration processes are a very important part in the hair recovery process. The goal is to stimulate the scalp to strengthen hair growth.
DHI uses three types of specialized hair treatments for comprehensive hair restoration that help the development, health, and natural recovery of your hair.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) growth factors are injected intradermally into the scalp to stimulate and strengthen hair growth. PRP can be used to strengthen the hair follicle, thus ensuring longevity and viability, as well as the maintenance and preservation of existing hair.
The hair restoration process with PRP involves centrifugation of the patient’s blood where growth factors can be extracted from enriched plasma and cytokines (growth proteins) to strengthen and improve the longevity of the hair follicle.
Advantages of PRP

There are multiple studies that support that PRP offers significant advantages for the treatment of hair loss. Therefore, its use in the DHI hair restoration procedure is guaranteed. Numerous studies have shown promising results such as:

  • Reduces erythema (redness and irritation)
  • Reduces the formation of crust or scabbing
  • Reduces trauma and inflammation
  • Reduces patient discomfort and achieves faster healing
  • Accelerates hair growth
  • Accelerates healing
  • Increases the longevity of existing hair
Red Light Laser Therapy
Red light therapy or Info Red, also known as cold laser, soft laser, and Low-Level Laser Therapy, is a safe form of light treatment that’s being used more and more to treat the genetic forms of hair loss (androgenetic alopecia or pattern balding) common in men and women. Red light therapy has been found to increase blood flow (microcirculation) in the scalp and stimulate metabolism in catagen or telogen effluvium follicles. The result is an accelerated production of anagen hair – new hair (stimulation of epidermal stem cells in the hair follicle bulge and shifting the follicles into anagen phase).
Hair Mesotherapy
Products rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals are injected directly into the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles to boost hair growth by providing the necessary nutrients.

Many people have transformed their lives with DHI.
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