Our mission is to bring the excellence of hair restoration worldwide.

Konstantinos P. Giotis

DHI GLOBAL MEDICAL GROUP was founded in 1970 by Konstantino P. Giotis, who dedicated himself exclusively to the research, diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp diseases.
With 47 years of experience, more than 75 clinics around the world and more than 205,000 satisfied patients, DHI Global Medical Group is the world leader in hair restoration.
Since 1970, DHI Global Medical Group has been dedicated to the research, diagnosis, and treatment of hair dysfunctions, constantly innovating with new medical techniques and instruments.
Our medical team is trained by the only hair restoration academy in the world certified with all the protocols of the Total Care System.


We achieved the highest levels of quality in hair restoration. Our mission is to bring excellence in hair restoration worldwide.

DHI in Colombia
In 2013, DHI GLOBAL MEDICAL GROUP decided to take its revolutionary technique and the most advanced treatments from all over the world, and began the process of opening clinics throughout Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and the Americas. As part of this expansion, in 2016, DHI opened its first flagship clinic in Bogotá – Colombia, positioning DHI as the center of excellence with the most advanced techniques for hair restoration in Latin America. We are the best clinic for hair implants in Colombia. Today we have offices in Bogotá DC, Medellín (Antioquia), Santiago de Cali (Valle del Cauca), Cartagena (Bolívar), Villavicencio (Meta).
Since 1970
DHI is the largest hair restoration company in the world, focused on the research, diagnosis and treatment of hair loss and scalp disorders. DHI has been providing its hair restoration services to more than 205,000 patients for over 50 years. DHI is the first medical institution to standardize all hair restoration protocols and is proud to be a company that is based on four pillars: Education, Transparency, Innovation and Processes.
With headquarters in Greece, DHI has been at the forefront of research and development of hair loss disorders. To its credit, DHI teaches courses at various public universities in Europe and has been awarded certificates from various health academies in Greece, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Austria, among others.

In 2001, the DHI medical group pioneered follicular unit extraction (FUE) and changed the world of hair restoration forever. In 2003, the company developed the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) procedure, the most advanced hair restoration system in the world, surpassing any other medical hair transplant procedure currently performed.

Until 2008, DHI opened clinics in many major cities across Europe and has treated various heads of state, royalty, celebrities, and sports stars at its flagship clinics in Greece and London.

When Konstantine Giotis founded the DHI Medical Group in 1970, the number of clinics that specialized in the treatment of alopecia and hair loss were very few. Today there are tens of thousands of clinics and the number is growing by the hundreds every year. Many of these clinics have a short life span and fail for various reasons. Excellence is difficult to maintain. At DHI Medical Group we have survived the test of time, while growing larger and stronger. We have a worldwide reputation second to none. This is inspired by our vision, mission and values.

DHI established, for the first time in hair restoration, the best surgical standards (SOP), which are applied to all processes and at all levels to guarantee safety, quality, and the best results.
In each DHI clinic, all doctors and staff members follow these protocols, and in extraordinary cases, support and advice is received from the DHI scientific council.
DHI’s global medical team is ISO certified and CQC registered in the UK
The educational program is perhaps the most important innovation of DHI Global Medical Group.
DHI created the first and only Hair Restoration Academy in the world (DHI Academy) for the training of medical teams (doctors and nurses) and DHI consultants. It has established partnerships with public universities in Greece, France, and Italy by actively contributing to scientific research and courses. Another important objective of the DHI Academy is to educate the patient to ensure that he has full knowledge to make a safe decision.
DHI is the only medical group in ​​hair restoration that establishes a system that is applied to all processes and at all levels to guarantee maximum safety, quality, and results. The “Total Care System DHI” respects the ISO and CQC protocols and applies them to all DHI clinics in the world.
Only DHI certified doctors and nurses can perform implants at our clinics.
Since 1970, DHI has been a world leader in hair loss treatment with extensive technical experience in the practice of all methods of hair transplantation.
DHI created the FUE hair transplant method (2003), abandoning the FUT / STRIP cutting technique ever since.
In the continuous search to optimize results, DHI decided to improve the effectiveness of the FUE technique and launched in 2010 the DIRECT technique.
DHI, a leader in the development of hair loss treatments, invests in the research of future therapies, such as stem cells and hair multiplication, and provides the most advanced treatments that you can find nowadays.

Many people have transformed their lives with DHI.
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