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Diagnosis - UDSA

In DHL the correct diagnosis is the basis for a successful and permanent treatment. We developed a unique diagnostic system - the UDSA.

Hair transplant

With our DHI implanter specially designed and patented, each follicle is implanted in direction, angle and specific depth.


The appearance of large areas that have been affected by alopecia, genetic factors or specific problems are decreased.

Female alopecia

For all women, hair loss is daunting. In DHI you can be treated by a specialist in hair restoration.

Plasma rich in platelet – PRP

Plasma rich in Platelet – PRP It helps follicles for regeneration to improve the development of new hair.

Eyebrows restoration

Eyebrows are an important component of our facial structure and appearance. Any systemic disease should be treated professionally.

Beard restoration

Beard restoration is for men who want to grow their own facial hair with a lasting and 100% natural result.

DHI Global Medical Group

Leading the capilar restoration since 1970

DHI Global Medical Group has been dedicated to education, research, diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp disorders; for 46 years, helping more than 200,000 patients successfully at 60 clinics worldwide. During these 46 years, the global DHI Medical Group has been a leader in the evolution of hair restoration by setting new standards and the introduction of innovative techniques and medical treatments.
DHI is the first medical company in standardizing all protocols of hair restoration, and is proud to be a company that is based on four pillars: Education, Transparency, Innovation and Processes.

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Hair transplant


Female alopecia

Eyebrows restoration

Beard restoration


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