DHI Global Medical Group

Leading the capilar restoration since 1970

DHI Global Medical Group has been dedicated to education, research, diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp disorders; for 46 years, helping more than 200,000 patients successfully at 60 clinics worldwide. During these 46 years, the global DHI Medical Group has been a leader in the evolution of hair restoration by setting new standards and the introduction of innovative techniques and medical treatments. DHI is the first medical company in standardizing all protocols of hair restoration, and is proud to be a company that is based on four pillars: Education, Transparency, Innovation and Processes.


DHI in Colombia.

In 2013, DHI MEDICAL GROUP GLOBAL decided to take his revolutionary technique and the most advanced treatments from all over the world, and began the process of opening clinics across Asia, Middle East, Australia and the Americas. As part of this expansion, in 2016, DHI opened its first clinic in Bogotá - Colombia, making DHI the center of excellence in the most advanced technology for hair transplantation and treatment of disorders of hair loss in Latin America. We are the best place for hair implants in Colombia.

DHI in the world